Friday, 18 March 2016

2016 Topic 5:Art Dolls {Challenge}...

...or time flies...

Well Hello! How are we all this fine Friday evening, had a glass of something yet?

Anyhow, over on the PaperArtsy blog the latest challenge is Art Dolls, now I must admit when I saw this I rolled my eyes and squirmed, I'm sorry but some of these you see on the internet really FREAK me out. However, having read through the blog post and after watching the first video I felt quite inspired, which at the end of the day is what it's all about isn't it.

So a quick get together with my mucka Sue and last Friday we set about making an art doll based on the idea in said video, go check Sue's out it's awesome!

Now a couple or three Christmases ago we started a clock project but never finished them so decided to utilise these within our art dolls. When I grabbed mine I wasn't happy with it though so set about painting with fresco paints and crackle glaze, I went a bit subtle for this (not the norm for me).

Silence fell as we contorted with the wire as it really does have a mind of it's own! Sue went for the tall and slender look whilst I went the short rotund look (I'm saying nothing!) mine reminded me of the Robot film, you know the one with the big bum!

Now Sue finished hers quite quickly at home after leaving, whilst I still had loads to do but I did eventually finish but had to keep waiting for glue to dry the heavy items in place before moving onto the next stage.

Now Sue being really organised made us some faces from paper clay using her daughters old Barbie dolls as the mold, I inserted mine into a Tim Holtz pocket watch (that I bought years ago and never used but it keeps it in the theme of time) and added accent beads.

If my dad were still with us he would have been 79 Tuesday so I thought I would use his old pocket watch (it's not valuable and not worked for years) as the focal point inside the clock and popped one of Lin Browns flowers as a back drop having stamped it onto my paint mop up paper. Enough waffling here's a pic of the final project.

I used a mixture of Fresco Vintage Lace, Squid Ink and Claret and Lin Bowns ELB24 with lots of ribbon and lace and flowers with other bits and bobs here are some other views.


So that's me done, I survived what has been a crap week and a big thank you to my mucka Sue as she popped in yesterday with some flowers... arr bless!

Thanks for stopping by and leave a message if you fancy and please can you take pity on me and at least one other someone follow me as I'm still Billy One Mate LOL

Happy Craftin


  1. It's a bril art doll, looks even more amazing in the flesh. x

  2. You must be the person whose post I've been waiting to see pop up as your friend said you had been making these together! This is absolutely fab, I love. It. I love that you put the face in the pocket watch even though I did read it that you put barbie in there! Hope you get lots of followers for your lovely art,

    Lucy x

    1. R bless and thank you for following me LOL

  3. Wow!!! This is totally fabulous original too.

    TFS and best wishes