Sunday, 15 May 2016

2016 Topic #9 Mono Printing {Challenge}

O my this will be the quickest post ever!
Lino printing fun to join the PaperArtsy Challenge HERE.

I'll edit and add details later!

O my that was close....just 3 minutes to spare for the deadline but linked it was LOL.

So mono printing, how exciting I thought, I used to love lino printing when I was at school, so I purchased a cheap kit with the bits and bobs and eventually last night gt round to carving.

I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so thought I would keep it simple and make a background to a card.

I wasn't sure the best way to make it multi-coloured, co cut my lino in half to make two so I could layer up.

I then had a play around with colours, I was gutted as I couldn't get my fresco paints to work as they just dried as soon as applied to the lino. I didn't think about mixing with anything till after the event LOL so opted for ink pads but the purple was just too strong.

As the background was quite busy I needed something bold to sit on it and came accross my ELB13 stamp set, perfect.

SO a nice simple card and these are the two lino blocks, I really enjoyed this.

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Happy Craftin

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Let there be one!

Hi Peeps,

Here we are again, twice in two days whoop whoop!

This journal page started a couple years ago when I attended a France Papillion and was one of my mop up pages from the messy table! I have done other pages in there since but not this one, it's taken a while and I've been adding layers over the lats few weeks when time allows and I have 5 minutes.

Recently I found some IndigoBlu stamps in a sale bin which prompted me to finish it and I raided my stash for other stamps with a light theme.

The plus one... is another journal page with my new PA stamps, the only thing I had on my mind to start was that I wanted texture, which I accomplished, no heavy meaning just a play time. :)

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Happy craftin


Saturday, 7 May 2016


Hello peeps, hope you are all well and enjoying the little bit of sunshine we've had this lats week?

So April has been and gone... always a busy month for cards..

A couple birthdays to kick off...

Now some of the more astute of you will notice I completely plagiarised the robot design from the PA blog, I don't normally but I really liked this and was struggling for time so I do apologise most profusely.

My Uncle passed away in April a couple years ago and I always send a card to my Aunt just to show I am thinking of her.

Now when you have lots of weddings all together you invariably have lots of anniversary cards to do!

Then I had a couple extras thrown in as you do, a friend asked me for a quick anniversary card for her mom & dad, and a friend had a bit of a bad day so needed a pick me up card.

Then by baby became a teenager, I just don't know where the time has gone.

Now this next card started life as the PA 'white space' challenge but didn't quite make it and I feel really bad as it still hasn't made its way to my sister in-law, although she has been away for a couple weeks but I'm not keen on how it turned out, maybe I'll make her a wall hanging instead LOL.

And finally.... it's been a long one hasn't it!! One of the managers at my sons football club managed to break his leg playing football of all things so a quick get well card was in order.

So that's me and April done...phew! I've tried to keep the blurb to a minimum.

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Happy craftin