Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 Topic 3: Paint {Challenge} - Mark 2

Here we are again, two posts together in no time at all whoo hoo! This is the PaperArtsy blog by Wanda that got me painting bottles, I haven't really done it much justice but practice makes perfect I reckon LOL

I said in my last post I would paint a jar but not in time for the Sunday cut-off well I managed it, it's not the best in the world but I tried.

As a base I gave it a coat of iced blue then from the bottom I used Jade blending to Eastern Skies to the top, I gave it a coat of satin glaze but I'm not sure what I did wrong and it seemed to take some of the paint off but gave a rather nice effect so I went with the flow.

I then stamped the shadow stamp from ELB13 using prawn and eastern skies and over stamped with the house, I missed the line up slightly but hey hoe but the paint wasn't how I wanted it so I painted the colours, blending the blue just under the roof to give the effect of shadows.

Stamping the grass tufts around the bottom and the twinkles around the top, painting these with banana over a base of chalk to give more of a true colour (note to self next time ordering remember snowflake!).

I used the left over banana on some mop up card and stamped the words cut these out and stuck them on, now I'm just debating whether to risk the satin glaze again or not?!

These are the over sides of the jar.

The pics aren't brilliant as it was night time but it's so dark today I don't think I'll get any better ones. I'm still thinking about about what to tie around the top and a label maybe but I have time yet as it's not mothers day for a few weeks yet LOL.

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Friday, 20 February 2015

2015 Topic 3: Paint {Challenge}

Hi One & All,

Well over on the PaperArtsy blog there's another challenge go take a look HERE. This 3rd challenge is all about paint, and why wouldn't it be with the PaperArtsy Fresco Paints to play with and have you seen the new limited edition colours...Awesome!

Now I don't 'copy' very well what others do as it doesn't usually turn out very well but I thought I'd have ago at Leandra's brayered background as I just LOVE creating backgrounds.

Check out Leandra's video HERE.

So what did I make? My daughters friend's granddad has been in hospital recently and they had purchased theatre tickets which obviously weren't going to be used so they kindly passed them onto Emily. As a 'thank you' I thought I'd make them a birthday book.

Using a rather well known directory cover, for the cover I gave it a layer of chalk and then brayered away, using these colours.

Now I used a mixture of stamps and stencils to create the pattern, this is the outside of the book cover.

For the inside I used the same colours but the opposite way round using the pinks as the base and the greens/blues as the focal point, it's amazing how different a piece you can create using the same colours. To finish I gave the covers three coats of Statin Glaze.

For the inserts, I used a piece of card just smaller than the book cover and folded it concertina style making sure there were enough folds for the twelve months and gave it a wash of colour.

Each insert is made from a C5 envelope, (good quality ones that are a little over-sized so you can still fit cards & envelopes in) again brayered, stamped and then I printed the month and event table for the birthdays etc... to be written on. (The new PA months stamps would be awesome here). Then you just keep the cards in the appropriate envelope for when it's needed.

 I've decorated the backs of the envelopes too but that would be too many pics LOL.

Here are a few pics of the assembled book

Now all I have to do is make some cards to go inside!!!

I have a jar ready to have a go at painting that but doubt I'll get it done before the deadline for the link on Sunday but I'll do it as I think it would be a nice extra for mothers day for my mother in law.

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