Saturday, 9 April 2016


So how are we all this fine true to form showery April day?

March brought two anniversaries (one, a big achievement) and one birthday, now I really struggled with the first one, it was my friends 13th wedding anniversary so I had 'teenager' going through my mind (I remember this well as I was 8 months pregnant at their wedding with our youngest who will obviously be a teenager this month). 

So I'm thinking Stampotique buddies and grungy, I chose purple as a base as that was the colour of the invites I made for them...probably too much thinking a not enough just getting on with it me thinks, which is what was making it hard work but I got there in the end by NOT thinking about it LOL.

Now on to my Aunt & Uncle's 60th wedding anniversary, I made them a canvas and card using scanned images of their wedding photos. 

For the card I made a pretty pink and purple master board, not my usual colour scheme but it was pretty. Now some of the more observant will notice the typo on the card, I couldn't believe it, never even noticed until my other Aunt pointed it out!!! O well just makes it more original right!!

With the canvas I also included photos of their Grandson's wedding from a couple years ago and used the colours from the lovely hats as the basis for my colour scheme. Anyway they loved the card (typo and all!) and the canvas, so all good.

And finally... a card for a friend to finish the month off but I was a little late with it as I hadn't allowed for the bank holiday postage...Arhh!

Well that's March wrapped up and I'll see you next time.

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Happy craftin


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  1. Well done you posted again, lol. They are all great projects, my fave being the Stampotique anniversary card. x