Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015: Topic 2: Shiny Stuff {Challenge} - Mark 2

Hi Peeps!

Well here we are again 2 posts in one that doesn't happen very often!

Now my mate Sue is going to be sooo impressed with this and I'm sure she'll make a comment or two...

Why? do I hear you ask! Well back in Nov 2013 for my birthday Sue gave me this wooden arch and some craft stash to make something...well here it is... a little late but hey it's here LOL!

In line with the Paper Arsty Challenge I thought I needed texture to have some highlights on and some metal, first I stuck some lace flowers down and before going to bed decided to add some Texture Paste so it could dry and crackle over night. In hindsight it might be worth applying a base coat first as the paste bled into the wood a little.

I carried on anyway and painted a layer of Fresco Chutney over everything, I know it's semi-opaque but I think that's a nice effect. I then applied Turquoise over 2 flowers and crackle to pick up the texture and Blood Orange and Smoked Paprika on the middle flower, followed by Aquamarine & Ruby Treasure Gold.

I painted a piece of sewing ada (think that's what it's called) in Little black dress then added some gold-leaf (although it's multi-coloured) and then some more Turquoise to bring it all together.

On the outside I mixed some Grunge Paste with the Turquoise and spread through a stencil.

Now I stamped my images from LPC003 onto metal and embossed some of the areas to be raised (not sure technical term here) knowing the larger images was going on the ada I stuck this to a piece of card to make it easier to stick later. It took me a while to sort out the layout as originally the outside was going on the inside but I didn't like it and had to go back to the drawing board.

Eventually I assembled a load of metal embellishment and coloured them with the Turquoise, Chutney and Little black dress  and treasure gold and stuck them on as the main pictures with a little bit of stamping to the outside too.

It's tiring this blogging lark, need to do housewifey duties or they'll be going to work and school in their birthday suits tomorrow, LOL.

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2015: Topic 2: Shiny Stuff {Challenge}

Hi Peeps!

Well! This is amazing, two challenges on the Paper Artsy website and 2 blogs by me, wanders will never cease!!

So this next challenge is all about 'Shiny Stuff' now I really like metal but don't always to seem to get the results I want with it but thought I'd give it a whirl as I had a card I needed to do.

First off I mopped up after my daughter had been spraying her cotton wall ball trees for a school project which created the green background, I then ran this through a embossing plate and inked the raised sections with black soot distress ink and rubbed up to soften.

Using more of the mop up card I cut tattered flowers and again ran the larger layer through the embossing folder but this time I created a metallic look using Brushed Pewter Distress Paint, and Fresco Evergreen, Hey Pesto and Green Olives. This was mounted with some metal embellishments in the centre.

The main butterfly image was heat embossed with copper again on the mopped up card and coloured more with Pine Needles and Black Soot distress inks. I also coloured some butterfly ribbon with the Pine Needles.

The card base was stamped with HPXT01 & HP1107 dried and painted over with the Brushed Pewter paint as it was a too stark.

Now everything looked too green and there wasn't much light and shade so I mounted the background and flower on bottle green and silver card, and finally added a butterfly from some fabric.

Hopefully it's shiny enough to fit the bill.

I did created another project on the same theme so I'll post this in a mo, see ya later!

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

PA 2015 ~Topic 1 Fragile Papers and Sue's Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Well this is only my second post on my new blog which time wise isn't that bad for me LOL!

In short I had to create a new blog as my email provider is no longer compatible with Google, I might be able to gain access to my old blog one day if I sit and take the time to find out how!

Anyway get on with it I hear you say...

Over on the PA Blog they have started the new year off with a bit of a change in proceedings and the first challenge is all about 'fragile papers'.

In May I am going to coptic stitched journal workshop with the superb France Papillon unfortunately my best bud Sue can't make it to that one so I thought I'd have a go at making one for her birthday.

Having found a You Tube video I cut and folded all the card and papers before Christmas with a view of doing the creative stuff over the holidays...but that never happened!!

So when I saw the PA Blog I there's an idea...this is the finished front and back covers which I must admit, I was eventually quite pleased with and Sue loved it which is what is was all about :)

Now I did have a few problems on the way though, you know how it when you have an idea of what you want to do but half way through you're thinking Arrrh why did I start this? This was one of them. 

The back cover was no problem; black gesso, some old music paper and tissue paper coloured with sprays once secured, a bit of stenciling with Fresco Little Black Dress...Done!

The front on the other hand.... I decided to use some waxy paper that I 'saved' from a workshop that everyone used on the 'spraying table' so there was all sorts of colours on there so the bit I chose set the tone for the colour combination.

Again, black gesso and I also inked some left over fabric from the same workshop. I applied some Texture Crackle Paste through the same stencil used on the rear and painted over it with some lovely metallic paint, but this didn't work it was too much of a contrast so I dry brushed with little black dress then a wash of Beach Hut. This helped but the black background was still a bit too black so I used the Ellen Vargo 2 set of stamps with turquoise and amethyst... now this worked.

It was now that I realised my mistake; I had been working in portrait but when I came to put it all together I remembered I was going to have the book in landscape view because of the way I had cut the covers and where the neat edges were!

So a quick reworking of the front layout and the back would just have to be the wrong way round! As we all know this is the beauty of hand crafted items...right? Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it LOL.

Anyway it took me about hour and half to stitch together with a few checks back to the video but I didn't think that was too bad and it was quite easy once in the groove.

This is the card I made for Sue too

Our treat for Sue's birthday was a crafty session where Sue had got everything organised and we made a lovely canvas with lost of ink and paint and mucky fingers at the end, this is the end result

Now I know Sue will blog soon about this and you can find her HERE.

So that's all a bit long winded but hey ho that's the way it goes sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a message if you fancy and you can follow me if you like as I feel a bit like Billy no Mates with this new blog LOL.

Happy Craftin