Sunday, 18 October 2015

Paperartsy 2015 #19 Faces

Well hello! How the devil are you, long time no see, I have been up to stuff but not as much as I would like!! 

So the current challenge on the Papertsy Blog is 'Faces' Awesome! Don't you just love faces, they say so much but when it comes to capturing them on paper that's a different matter!

A couple years ago I attended a Dina Wakley workshop to draw faces which eliminated a lot of the 'fear' about drawing them in a fun way. I now find myself doodling them when I'm hold on the phone at work but they all tend to look the same and someone suggested I should make them more 'real' so I had a go and typed in grumpy old men on google and up popped a picture on Sir Ian McKellen it took a while as as I only did the odd 10 mins here and there in my lunch break but was surprised at the result.

So back to now again I googled people to to draw and saw a sketch of Daniel Craig Ooo I thought I could do something with that!! LOL.

The likeness isn't that great (it's generally too thin) but as an experiment I like it.

So first of all I created three backgrounds one light, medium and dark on Tissuestock and with these Fresco Paints and EEV01, EEV02, ELB22 & ELB24 stamp sets.

I then sketched the outline of my face (only my son recogonised him!) and then blocked in the light, medium and dark areas with Marlin, Cheescake and Guacamole.

Now came the fiddly bit, I tore up bits from the backgrounds and stuck them down on the relevant light and shade places based on the colour blocks, finishing off painting in the eyes and a little detail on the mouth. I'm sure I would have achieved a better likeness had I continued with a pencil for the shading but as I said as an experiment it's OK and I really enjoyed the process, even if I feel like a 'tortured and misunderstood artist' LOL!

(The Ian McKellen one!)

Thanks for stopping by leave a comment if you fancy!

Happy Craftin



  1. Inspiring artwork,well done on getting it blogged. x

  2. I like both these portraits. I've tried my hand at male portraits too and it's always more difficult; but they're a challenge and it really encourages to create faces with character. Your Ian Mckellan one has loads of character. xx

  3. It's about time you blogged Missy ;-)! Seriously Rebecca these are both brilliant and they are recognisable. I wouldn't dare attempt to do a likeness of anyone and am pleased to have done something that actually looks like proper features, lol! Love the techniques you used for Mr Craig and the Ian McKellen portrait is fabulous!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Haha tortured and misunderstood is good!!!! Love that you are trying such cool ideas out!!