Wednesday, 17 February 2016

2016 Topic 3: Wax {Challenge}

Oooo hark at me! Two posts in one month, how about that then!!

Over on the PaperArtsy blog is a new challenge...all about wax!!

So, many many moons ago whilst in Richmond visiting my brother we happened across a craft fair in the town hall (I think anyway, it was a long time ago).

Anyhow, there was this artist chappy selling and demoing Caustic Art with little blocks of wax and an iron... how strange I thought, but I was hooked and bought a starter kit and as I was his only customer all day he threw in some beeswax too for good measure.

I did play at the time and made a few projects but since then said kit has been sat longingly just waiting to be played with again! 

My mind was racing when I saw the PaperArtsy blog 'Where O where is may wax?' I found a couple books with bits of waxy delights in and obviously there was the design team inspiration on the PaperArsty blog.

Now the kids are off this week but my working from home job as been inundated, poor kids have been left to their own devices, not that they are moaning as I've been a taxi to the big un and the little un has been happy on his X-Box with the odd nag of getting some fresh air to come along on dog walking expeditions!!

I seem to be waffling tonight sorry...

I melted some beeswax onto my travel iron! and scraped across the surface, then dipped some paper in the wax still on the iron to adhere this to the board. Now some people might be a bit daft and get wax on their fingers here!!! I tried to iron over the layers but they just seems to slip around a bit. I decided to add some colour, with yellow, green then a few drops of blue and a dash of red. 

I then stamped Lin's lovely flower head from ELB24 stamp set onto tissue paper and adhered that but when I tried to fix that, the colours underneath all ran and mixed together and although the colours were Ok it's seemed a bit of a mess, so what to do?

After a while I used the white wax to colour in the petals and used the tip of the iron to melt this which diluted the colours, I liked this a repeated a couple more times and thought I'd leave this experiment there.

So as quick experiment it's OK, I think and it was good for the wax to see the light of day, although I wouldn't leave them in the light otherwise it would be...
'Ahh! I'm melting.....'

Sorry couldn't resist, bit long winded for a quick experiment LOL Sorry!

Thanks for stopping by and leave a message if you fancy.

Happy craftin

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  1. Get you twice in one month, great project can't wait to get a closer look at it I the flesh. x