Saturday, 11 April 2015

Since the last time....

Hi Peeps,

Well it's been a while so thought I'd bring you up to date with my little creative madness!

I didn't quite make it to the last batch of PaperArtsy kinda got in the way as it does.

So these first two are the valentine cards I made for myself and my hubby (I know it's not romantic making your own card but no-one is allowed to buy cards in this house!!)


Then came March and I was invited to a 21st (I know at my age LOL), the background was made with my trusty PaperArsty fresco paints, I went down the traditional route of the 'key to the door!'

Now the plan was to make something for Leanne but as usual I didn't give myself enough time to complete what I thought was a simple little book and ended up being a monthly late but hey I got there in the end LOL. 

Here are the pics of the book.

So here is the finished article and following are the individual pages...

Then came a couple birthdays mothers day and a sympathy card...



And finally...thank goodness I hear you say I made this for my great nephew which made me chuckle anyway (if you look carefully you'll see a pic of him in the hot air balloon), the background again using PaperArtsy paints the block design was a variation of Dyan Reaveley.

This is the inside of the card!

So to coin a phrase...'That's all Folks!'

Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment if you fancy.
Happy Craftin


  1. have enjoyed catching up with all these makes, love each of them!

  2. Well blogged, great projects. x