Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015: Topic 2: Shiny Stuff {Challenge} - Mark 2

Hi Peeps!

Well here we are again 2 posts in one that doesn't happen very often!

Now my mate Sue is going to be sooo impressed with this and I'm sure she'll make a comment or two...

Why? do I hear you ask! Well back in Nov 2013 for my birthday Sue gave me this wooden arch and some craft stash to make something...well here it is... a little late but hey it's here LOL!

In line with the Paper Arsty Challenge I thought I needed texture to have some highlights on and some metal, first I stuck some lace flowers down and before going to bed decided to add some Texture Paste so it could dry and crackle over night. In hindsight it might be worth applying a base coat first as the paste bled into the wood a little.

I carried on anyway and painted a layer of Fresco Chutney over everything, I know it's semi-opaque but I think that's a nice effect. I then applied Turquoise over 2 flowers and crackle to pick up the texture and Blood Orange and Smoked Paprika on the middle flower, followed by Aquamarine & Ruby Treasure Gold.

I painted a piece of sewing ada (think that's what it's called) in Little black dress then added some gold-leaf (although it's multi-coloured) and then some more Turquoise to bring it all together.

On the outside I mixed some Grunge Paste with the Turquoise and spread through a stencil.

Now I stamped my images from LPC003 onto metal and embossed some of the areas to be raised (not sure technical term here) knowing the larger images was going on the ada I stuck this to a piece of card to make it easier to stick later. It took me a while to sort out the layout as originally the outside was going on the inside but I didn't like it and had to go back to the drawing board.

Eventually I assembled a load of metal embellishment and coloured them with the Turquoise, Chutney and Little black dress  and treasure gold and stuck them on as the main pictures with a little bit of stamping to the outside too.

It's tiring this blogging lark, need to do housewifey duties or they'll be going to work and school in their birthday suits tomorrow, LOL.

Thanks for stopping by leave a comment if you like.

Happy Craftin



  1. Very cool, was it really that long ago! Well done for getting stuck in to some crafting. x

  2. Really lovely combination of ingredients for your lovely arches!

  3. Great work, its lovely! Keep up with the blogging lark and sod the housewifey duties!!!

  4. Ohhh well done you! Is that a little Lynne Perrella stamp I see (in copper with the heart??) Fab!